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A fence is a type of freestanding vertical structure used as a passage barrier to separate areas. The term ‘fence’ is often used interchangeably with ‘wall’ although a wall is considered as more solid and complete barricade

Fences have been constructed using ancient rocks and stones since decades. However, concrete fences are constructed nowadays in the residential areas

The History of Fence

Since decades, the fence is constructed in a simple way of stacking rocks and stones together in order to create a division between lands and the fields. Nevertheless, the introduction of mortar which is a simple masonry substance to fill in gaps and hold other elements together as help to improve the fence construction over the years.

Modern Fence Construction

A fence is built using a variety of materials such as rocks, stone, bricks and blocks. However, brick is made of compressed earth mass while a block is considered as a concrete masonry unit which is made of dry-cast concrete.

Modern stone fences are usually built using bricks, blocks and mortar so that all elements are strengthened firmly.

On the other hand, fences can also be constructed using precast concrete. During the production process, sand, cement and other materials will be poured into the concrete forming machine so that a base is formed. Next, some other materials or texture will be included in the fence forming machine resulting the fence produced looks natural. Once the precast concrete is formed, it can be lifted to other places for further processes.

Indeed, this type of fence construction does offers augmented strength and durability and cost effectiveness if compared to other methods.