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Our beautiful, architectural precast concrete fences are valuable resources to the contractors. We review your project requirement and recommend site specific to meet your objectives. One of the powerful benefits of our precast concrete fence system is its ability to be constructed quickly and its post and panel configuration allows unparalleled flexibility for changing site conditions. In addition, it has beautiful appearance and provides superior cost savings.

LSK column or panels system can produced in 15ft. long sections and it can be constructed on each column of pad footing which located by using LSK Precast System. These proprietary engineering enhancements in LSK Precast System enables fence walls built in the safest, fastest, most durable and aesthetically pleasing condition.

The competitive edges of LSK fence includes its flexibility to match with the surroundings with its natural beauty elements. LSK fence also converts its natural beauty elements into the sense of prestige, security and privacy to its user.

Furthermore, one of the key benefit for our precast concrete walls is it can be used as retaining walls.

Building brick wall and block wall masonry are time-consuming and costly solution. Our Precast Concrete walls ensure the installation process at optimal level in term of time and cost. Precast Concrete was made of strong, resistant, and lower cost materials. LSK Precast concrete fence and retaining walls are weather-resistant and it is suitable for most soil environments in residential and industrial areas.


Precast Protect Home

Several key benefits of Precast Concrete Walls:

  • Through our customization of moulds, screening walls and perimeter fences, various designs are possible whether it is a look of stacked stone, crafted wood and old bricks. All these features with come with a variety of color to suit your needs.
  • Rich customization of color and textures on both sides of the Precast Concrete Walls enhance its ‘authentic’ look and unique designof the products.
  • Component replacements are easily available in case of damages occurs or renovation needed to be done.
  • The products made can be installed flexibly in any places.
  • Finishing treatments by combining a LSK wall systems with wrought irons, masonry columns and gates which desired by customers.
  • Precast Concrete Walls able to withstand oppressive climates and typical ground movement and others natural forces
  • Panels can be cut to allow alteration of fence line which preferable by customers. Precast Concrete Walls offers similar pattern and designs on the both sides of the wall which is a unique feature of being mutually aesthetic on both sides.
  • Precast Concrete Walls are excellent in term of security, the outlook and acts as noise barriers.